Expat Relocation Service

Please help us find a house! That’s what we hear a lot on the market these days. And let's finding houses for expats be our specialty. The current housing market in Utrecht, Rotterdam and most of the rest of The Netherlands is overheated.

This makes expats having a difficult time finding a proper house when their deadline is approaching. This brings a lot of stress and emotions with it. That makes the search for a new house even more difficult.

That’s why we present our “Expat Relocation Service”. We search for the perfect new home for you and your family. A home where you can make a great start for your new adventure in The Netherlands.

First we start with a small intake through email. Here we ask for information regarding your household, requirements for your new house and your work position.

After this first small intake we do a free of charge meeting in real life or for expats still outside the country through Zoom. During this meeting we discuss everything related to your relocation.

And if it’s a match we start our search for your new home. For successful assignments check out our “Expat Relocation Service” page. And don’t forget to look at Google for our reviews.