Renting in the Netherlands: Essential Documents for Expats

As an expat new to the Netherlands, it can sometimes be overwhelming to navigate through all the requirements and procedures. Especially when it comes to renting a new home, you might wonder: "What documents do I exactly need?" We'll explain it to you!

At, located in both Utrecht and Rotterdam, we specialize in assisting expats like you. We offer a unique 1-on-1 service and are ready to inform and guide you. Below, you will find our tips on the essential documents you need to rent a property in the Netherlands. In this example, we assume that you are employed:

- Copy of your passport.
- Copy of your visa (if available).

Work-related documents:
- Copy of your employment contract. This shows your current employment status and income level.
- Employer's statement or certificate. This confirms your employment and salary.
- The last three pay slips from your employer.

Financial documents:
- Proof of salary deposit from the last three pay slips.
- Proof of savings isn't mandatory, but can be an additional document to your file, for instance, to demonstrate that you are financially stable.

Additional documents:
- Landlord statement from your current landlord. This can help prove that you are a reliable tenant.

Renting a property can seem challenging at first, especially for expats. But with the right documents and preparation, the process can run much smoother. By informing yourself and preparing adequately, you are one step closer to finding your new home in Utrecht, Rotterdam, or anywhere else in the Netherlands.

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