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Meet our team

Appartments Utrecht

Our Team

Together as a team, they make Expat Housing possible.

Melvin Bloemendal

Melvin Bloemendal

Real Estate Agent

As a Real Estate Agent, Melvin assist you in the housing market

Whether it concerns rental, sale, purchase or expat relocation. Melvin is your direct point of contact in the company.

When renting out to expats, Melvin always goes that extra mile. 
He personally ensures that the expat feels welcome in the Netherlands. Helping them with the entire process of obtaining a new home.

Expats greatly appreciate this and therefore make massive use of Melvin's his services.

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Annelies Karsen

Designer and Back-office

Annelies is originally a successful designer. Where in the past she still made hats for MPs during Prinsjesdag, and made a dress for the Queen. She now works with Melvin. Together they look at which renovations need to be done in existing homes. And they furnish the homes to Annelies' taste. In addition, Annelies also works in the back office.

Kim Yang

Kim Yang

Finance Advisor

Kim always has the solution for real estate financing. With her own company "KimSolutions" she assists you in real estate financing.

Check out her website for more information:

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