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Expat Relocation Service


Please help us find a house! That’s what we hear a lot on the market these days. Finding houses for expats is our specialty!

The current housing market in Utrecht, Rotterdam and most of the rest of The Netherlands is overheated.

This makes expats having a difficult time finding a proper house when the deadline is approaching. This brings a lot of stress and emotions with it. That makes the search for a new house even more difficult.

That’s why we present our “Expat Relocation Service”. We search for the perfect new home for you and your family.

A home where you can make a great start for your new adventure in The Netherlands.

How the process works? I will explain it to you in the following steps: - Free of charge intake Here we discuss your housing needs. For example which location do you prefer? How much travel time to work is acceptable? Do you need a one or two-bedroom or maybe even three? Furniture needed? Also, we are going to check if your income match with the income rules that are active on rental properties. That's why it's important you prepare before this intake. - Setting up our work relation When you think after the intake I want to work together with Melvin. We set up an agreement between us with all appointments that we have made. Think about the area and specifications for the house that we use for the search. The fee and on other terms if needed. Our agreements are based on "No cure no Pay". - Setting up appointments for viewings With your housing criteria we will make viewing appointments. We can hold these viewings for you digital when you are for example not in The Netherlands yet. Or we can go together to check the property and see if it fits your needs. - Making an offer

When we found the perfect house we will make an offer to the landlord. In this offer we write: When we want to start renting it, for how much we want to rent it and what kind of contract we would like. And sometimes there is also space for additional request. - Checking the rental agreement

Congratulations! Our offer is accepted. When your offer is accepted by the landlord we will check the rental agreement. And if the rental agreement is legally correct and all is good you will go over to signing your contract. - Transfer of the keys

The day is there! You will get the keys of your new home. During the check-in of the property we look together to the state of the property. And make sure that everything is documented in the check-in rapport. Why? We don't want that you will be hold responsible for old damages that were already in the house. After that the house is yours, and you can enjoy your time in your new home. - During the rental period

We make a difference... After receiving the keys our service does not stop. We stay available for you for all the questions that you have. From setting up utilities with our partners from EasyNuts to answering questions about anything in the house. We are there to help you, so we make sure that you have the best time of your life in The Netherlands in your new home.

Interested in this service? Please contact us through the following form:

"Form for Expat Relocation Services by"

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