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How to get a "BSN Number"?

How to get a "BSN Number" in The Netherlands.

We get a lot of questions regarding receiving the BSN number in The Netherlands.

Here is a blog with some tips to make the process more easy and relax for you.

So you finally found that job that you always wanted, and you are coming to The Netherlands.

You are going to stay for more than 4 months, so you need a BSN. What is the process?

When you arrive in The Netherlands, you need to make an appointment with the municipality where you are going to live. So if you have rented a house in Utrecht, then you go to municipality of Utrecht within 5 days after you arrive.

Why 5 days ?

The municipality can only register you with 5 days back in time.

What do I need for the BSN number?

For getting the BSN number there are several things you need.

  • Proof of identity. With this we mean a valid passport and not for example a driver's license.

  • Non-EU members also need to bring a residence permit and employment contract, if applicable.

  • A rental contract or contract of sale of your home, or your proprietor’s permission, for which you need an additional statement that you can find on the municipality website. Please note: you can not be registered earlier than the start date of your rental or purchase contract.

  • Original documents from abroad of yourself and of your children, such as certificates of birth, a marriage certificate or a deed of divorce.

  • Only documents that are in English, France or German will be accepted. All others need to be translated by a sworn translator. A list with sworn translators are also available on the website of the municipality. Note: If you are coming to The Netherlands with partner and kids. They need to register at the same time as you and needs to be present at the appointment.

I hope this explanation helps you with making the emigration less stressful. If you have any questions regarding renting a house, getting utilities done or help by other new things? Just reach out to us, and we are here to help you out!

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