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We are going to save money on Utilities!

This year the prices for electricity, gas and city heating went through the roof. Normal household were faced with pre-payments up to 625 euro a month. Our partner Easy Nuts was at one moment the only provider who gave new energy contracts. Something we have never seen before.

The good news is that the government has set a price cap for our utilities. Here is a small overview of the plans:

November and December:

- November and December you will receive a discount of 190 euro on your energy bill.

From January 2023:

- Electricity price goes to €0.40 for the first 2,900 kWh.

- Gas price goes to €1.45 for the first 1.200m3.

- City Heating goes to a maximum of €47.39 GJ without maximum.

"We see with these price cap on utilities that conusmers react reliefed that they finally know what they can expect for the upcoming winter." – Jeffrey from Easy Nuts

Yearly Contracts

On top of that, the Dutch government is requesting from utility companies that they should supply yearly contracts again.

When this is going to start we don't know yet. If you need any help with setting up utilities please contact us.

More information from the government can be found here: Link to official article

Visit our Utilities partner Easy Nuts when you are in need of a new energy contract.

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