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1. Would you like to be a landlord?

Without obligation we will make an appointment to get acquainted. The rental agent will check the state of the property and discuss the possibilities of renting out your property.

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3. Viewing

For the viewing we will make a selection of candidates who meet the requirements you as landlord have set. Subsequently we will make an appointment for when we will show the property to them.

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5. Rental Agreement

After the thorough screening process we will proceed to making the rental agreement. This will be offered digitally to both you and the tenant. We will always use the most recent general provisions for making the contract. Also we could add any provisions to the contract, if needed.

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2. Put your property on the market

After we get acquainted and have discussed the right strategy we will put your property on the market. We will put your property up for rent at several platforms, such as: MelvinBloemendal.com, Pararius.com en Huurwoningen.nl

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4. Screening


When we have found the perfect candidate we will screen them thoroughly. We do this screening in collaboration with Huurcheck. Together we will check the background of candidate so you will not face any financial surprises. In addition to that will ask for documents such as an employer's statement, labour contract and recent payslips as well as a copy of passport or ID.

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6. Key Transfer

We will proceed to the key transfer after you have signed the rental agreement. When we handover the key we will make a thorough report of the state of the property to prevent any complications in the future.


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