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Letting your property

Rent out your property to Expats


Everything arranged, without hassle
Finding a good tenant is only one aspect of renting out your home. We can also help you with all other peripheral matters. To make it easy for you, we offer an all-in-one rental package. With this package we arrange everything to rent out your home safely, according to the rules and for a suitable price. We are your Real Estate Agent in Utrecht, Rotterdam or Amsterdam.
The package consists of the following parts:

All-in-one rental package

Non-obligatory introduction

Residential intake

Valuation of rental price

Professional home photographer

Planning and holding viewings

Publishing the property

  • Funda

  • Pararius

  • I Am Expat

Screening of tenant applicants

  • Document check

  • Employer check

  • BKR

  • Wwft

  • EDR check

  • Focum-creditcheck

Digital check-in and check-out report of the property

Legal verification of the Rental Agreement

As a landlord, you are responsible for ensuring that your tenants can stay in your home in a safe and pleasant way. There is often quite a bit involved. To help you with this, you can choose to outsource a large part of the technical management activities to us. This way you can be sure that everything is properly arranged for your tenants, without you having to worry about it. Both you and your tenants have contact with your regular contact person at Melvin Bloemendal. This keeps the lines short and prevents noise. With our Technical Management Package we take a large number of tasks off your hands:

Technical Management package

Contact and communication

  • One point of contact for you and your tenants

  • Point of contact for maintenance and repair work

  • Available 24/7


  • Registration and review of technical reports

  • Cost of service and repair technicians

  • Digital archiving of maintenance documentation


  • Emergency Repairs

  • Supervision of correct implementation

  • Always in dialogue with you


  • Periodic comparison of service contracts

  • Implementation recommendation

Who do we rent your property to?
If you choose to rent out your property, you obviously want the tenant to treat your property nicely. But how do you choose a good tenant? And how do you know if someone is reliable? MB Real Estate can help. As an experienced real estate agent with a large network, we know exactly who to contact in order to find the most suitable tenant for you.
For example, we have been working with IamExpat, the largest online platform for expats in the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. In addition, we carry out various screenings of potential tenant candidates. This allows us to choose a tenant for your property based on facts and not on a good feeling. 

The vast majority of the tenant candidates we match to properties are expats. These are:
- Usually highly educated people with a (temporary) job in the Netherlands
- Often singles or couples (with or without children)
- Tenants with usually a good reputation
- Candidates who are often looking for housing for a maximum of 2 years

The advantages of having an expat as a tenant
Choosing an expat as a tenant for your home has several advantages. In addition to a good reputation and security of income, expats are initially in the Netherlands only for a certain period of time. You can be sure that they will leave your home after the agreed period, because they will leave the Netherlands again, or - if they get a permanent contract - because they will move on to the Dutch housing market. An expat as a tenant offers you security, reliability and flexibility. 

Guidance for tenants
As a rental agent, we are not only there for you as the landlord, but we also support the tenants throughout the rental period. For example, we connect the utilities for them and, especially in the beginning, we act as an oracle. For expats who are just new to the Netherlands, the first weeks or months can be quite an adjustment. Thanks to our extensive experience with the target group and expertise, we help them on their way. This way, your tenant can live comfortably and you don't have to worry about the peripheral issues. 

Short Stay letting of your property
Are you away from home for a while for a temporary job or a nice trip? Then it is also possible to offer your home in Short Stay rental. Short Stay rental is short-term rental of your living space. You can choose this if you can't be home for a while and don't want to leave your home empty. With Short Stay rentals, the home is still your permanent residence. This type of rental mainly offers temporary extra income for you and an easy, temporary living option for your tenant. We are happy to help you find a suitable tenant and maintain your home during your absence. Interested? Melvin your Real Estate Agent will gladly tell you more about the possibilities. 


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Three reasons to work with

Trusted one-to-one service
With us, you as a client are central. By taking the time for all our customers, we together achieve the best results. Your housing needs are central. Therefore, there is always one-on-one contact with the broker. No large offices, no long waiting times. We are always there for you.

Wide network, local market knowledge

With our broad network on the housing market, we achieve the best results.  Our network ensures that when renting out your property, we only work with the best candidates. When selling, we ensure the best-selling strategic for your property. 

Are you looking for a new home to buy or rent? Through all our contact on the housing market, we ensure that you always have the best chance on the housing market. 

Attractive brokerage fee

At you never pay too much! Today's customer does not need an expensive, fancy office on the most expensive place in town anymore. The customer wants good service for an attractive price. By keeping our costs low, we can offer the lowest commission rates. Therefore, you never pay too much, and you can invest more in your new home or have a better return on your investment property.

Your Need - Our Services


Letting your property

Renting out without worries to Expats is our specialty.

Through a thorough screening of the tenant and the right contracts and service you can rent out without worries and vacancy.

Real estate

Selling your property

Through our broad network and local market knowledge, we make a success of selling your property. Together we will create a customized sales plan for the best results.

Showing House to Customers

Renting a property

Looking for a new house to rent? We have the best offer in the Utrecht and Rotterdam region. We also offer assistance in renting your new dream home.

Real Estate Agent

Buying a property

Your housing needs are our focus. Together we will create a thorough purchase plan before we go out into the market to purchase your new home.

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