2024: Green Borrowing and Tax Benefits for Your First Home

The housing market in 2024 is undergoing significant changes that are beneficial for potential homebuyers, especially expats, in Utrecht and Rotterdam. These changes include increased borrowing options for energy-efficient homes, an exemption from transfer tax for young buyers, and an increase in the NHG (National Mortgage Guarantee) limit. Let’s explore these opportunities in detail.

Borrowing More for an Energy-Efficient Home:
Buyers of energy-efficient homes will be able to borrow more in 2024.

An energy label is not just an indicator of a home's sustainability; it can also significantly impact your monthly housing costs. Homes with a high energy label, such as A or B, are often better insulated and more energy-efficient. This translates into lower heating costs and reduced electricity expenditures. In contrast, homes with lower energy labels, like E, F, or G, can incur significantly higher costs due to increased energy bills from poor insulation and outdated heating systems. Therefore, opting for a home with a better energy label is not only an investment in sustainability but also a way to reduce your energy bill, leading to considerable savings in the long run.

Exemption from 2% Transfer Tax for Young Buyers:
Buyers under the age of 35 purchasing a residence to live in, with a value no higher than €510,000, are exempt from transfer tax. This makes it more appealing for young buyers to purchase their first home.

Increasing the NHG Limit:
The NHG limit will rise in 2024 to €435,000, an increase of €30,000 from the current limit. For homes with energy-saving features, this limit even increases to €461,100. This enhances the accessibility of the NHG, a crucial safety net in case of financial difficulties, forced sales, or residual debts.

These changes in 2024 offer new financial opportunities for homebuyers, particularly those interested in sustainable and affordable housing. As a real estate agent in Utrecht, we are here to assist you in navigating these opportunities and finding your ideal home.

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